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No. Subject Writer Date Hit
7   Forttec Co., Ltd. Certified the First Performance of Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems   Admin   2016-09-02   2,855  
6   Forttec Co., Ltd. Launches Loaded Stream Fire Extinguisher for Kitchen Fire   Admin   2016-09-02   2,655  
5   Forttec Co., Ltd. Launches HFC-125 (FORT-s125) gas type automatic fire extinguishing device   Admin   2013-03-07   510  
4   Absolute strength of Total Flooding Fire Suppression Systems Forttec Co., Ltd.   Admin   2013-03-07   4,793  
3   Released HFC-125 Clean Extinguishing Agent   Admin   2012-02-28   318  
2   Released Korea's first carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system - Fire Prevention News   Admin   2012-02-28   302  
1   Continuously Launched Small Space Fire Suppression Systems   Admin   2012-02-28   313