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Technologies and Experiences

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National Projects
  • 2007-2009 Development of Clean Agents and Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems
  • 2005-2007 Development of Fire Prevention and Safety Evaluation Technology for Railway Systems
Development of Fire Protection Equipment
  • Jet Flow Type Fire Suppression Systems
  • Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems
  • Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers
  • Small Space Fire Suppression Systems
  • Package Type Fire Suppression Systems
  • Selector Valves
  • Pressure Relief Vent
  • Restaurant Fire Extinguishers
Patents and Utility Models
  • Percussion device of auto fire extinguisher system and auto fire extinguisher containing the same
  • Fire Extinguishing Device for Fire Fighting
  • A Fire Extinguisher with A Fire Detection Tube
  • Fire Extinguishing Unit Case
  • Nozzle, Syphon Tube and Multipurpose Fitting of Small Space Automatic Fire Extinguishing Unit
  • A Mixed Fire Extinguishing Agent and A Fire Extinguishing Method Using the Agent
  • A Valve with Pressure Reducing Device for High Pressure Receptacle
  • An Auto Opening Valve for Gas Fire Extinguisher
  • Electric Detector of Fire Suppression Device for Kitchen System
  • Selection Valve for Fire Fighting
  • Valve for Fire Extinguishing Equipment
  • Automatic & Passivity Valve Fire Extinguishing System for the Room
  • An Emergency Guide Lamp